EASYSHIP – a service for the consolidation and shipment of goods from the US online stores worldwide. With us, you get a private address in the United States in our warehouse, the ability to combine products ordered from different stores in one parcel (consolidation) and to choose the delivery method.

Thanks to our extensive experience in customs – we offer our customers a free clearance of customs declarations. To do this you only need to fill in all the fields when registering at EASYSHIP service, and to make information about your order in stock.

Our core values

Speed. We respect our clients’ time and do our best to make you spend as little of your time to send parcels. To do this, our service is designed so that to collect the parcel and send her home – takes you a few clicks. If you have questions, our customer service helpdesk is guaranteed to give you a response within 6 hours.

Honesty. We offer our customers the most transparent working environment with the service EASYSHIP. You only pay for shipping services send to the specified address in the receiving country and for additional services, and only if you have chosen them. All other capabilities of the service for customers completely free of charge.

Reliability – it is a prerequisite of our work. We are closely monitoring the implementation of regulations at all stages in order to prevent the loss of your goods and parcels. For this, we only work with proven by our extensive experience and reliable logistics companies. Sending goods to our warehouse, you can be sure that the package comes to you intact.

Our goals

Carefully treat every customer
With virtual mail addresses in the United States to give you the opportunity to make purchases at any online stores US without restrictions on international shipping.
Promptly get your incoming orders as quickly as possible and to notify you of the receipt of the goods to the warehouse
Carefully check the quality of delivered goods and to settle disputes with stores in the case of damage to the packaging or product delivery to our warehouse
Quickly respond to your questions
Qualitatively fill the customs declaration for your goods in accordance with the law
Promptly send the generated send you to your home
Selects only the highest quality and reliable partners for shipping and delivery of your parcel.


EASYSHIP company’s main office is located in USA. Here there is all the work of your orders, parcels and.

Entity: TBE International Inc.

The address of our office in the USA: 19801 Delaware (DE), Wilmington, 620 A str

Schedule EASYSHIP office in the United States: Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM EST * before 6:00 PM EST *;

* EST — Eastern Standard Time (the time lag from Moscow is 7 hours).

Additional EASYSHIP office is located in Russia. It provides technical and service support, HelpDesk.

Schedule an office in Russia: Monday-Friday from 7:00 to 18:00 Moscow time.

Our contacts

Contact the US Office phone: +1 (929) 999-76-48

Contact the office phone in Russia: +7 (343) 339-45-84

Our e-mail address: office@easyship.ru

For communication is also available Callback, which is in the lower right corner of all pages.

You can discuss the work of our company in our group VKontakte, Facebook.

In the Manual contains information on the work of our service.


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