Why do I need the service EASYSHIP?

  • if the shop does not carry international shipping or delivery dear
  • If you want to buy a few online stores and save on shipping
  • if the store does not accept payment of your credit card
  • If you want to change the value of the goods and save on customs duties

EASYSHIP removes all restrictions and border on – line shopping!


STEP 1: You sign up for free and get your own address in the US stock EASYSHIP

Address is available in your account for the registered customers.

His US address you specify in the American online stores using

Many stores offer free delivery within the country (free domestic shipping).

STEP 2: You buy the goods and send them to your address EASYSHIP

When you specify the delivery address, necessarily in the address field enter your unique code STE

STE code – is the number of your personal cell to a warehouse EasyShip, you get it together with the American address.

Manage your warehouse:

  • enter the personal account in the “Storage” section
  • Get all the expected items by clicking “Place your order”
  • track changes in the delivery status of orders

Order the products in different online stores of America and save on shipping by combining products into a single package. In the consolidation of detailed instructions of your economy.

STEP 3: We get your package and inform you about the delivery

Get your order and its 60 days of storage for you absolutely free!

When you receive the goods in the warehouse:

  • In a private office goods will be in the status of “in stock”
  • You will receive a notification mail that the order came
  • You will receive a free 1 photo parcel in a private office

STEP 4: You’re going to send a parcel to your home

You got all the goods and are ready to send them to your home address?

  • Select orders which are already in stock
  • Collect team parcel to your home address
  • Send the package to the package (if necessary)
  • Choose your convenient delivery method
  • Choose extras
  • Pay for shipping

Why do we need additional services?

  • If you do not know or are not sure what is contained within (for example the seller split the order into multiple packages), we can open and check the contents or take photographs.
  • If you want to reduce the weight of the parcel, we can remove the extra boxes of shoes, or excessive product packaging
  • If you want to change the value of the goods in the parcel, we can take a picture and remove invoices

It is important to fill out the customs declaration:

To send you need to fill in the customs value of the goods and the description. Correctly specify the price and link to the product in the online store, we can not send a parcel without a properly specified information.

STEP 5: We will send the parcel to you

The personal account you can choose the price and the delivery method. Details about delivery methods .

After choosing a delivery option, we will send your parcel. In a private office at the products you’ll see the status “sent to the owner”

How much does it cost?

The cost of shipping to your country is automatically calculated, and you can always choose the best delivery method.

Please use the shipping calculator to see the options and shipping now.

Still have questions?

read the step by step instructions on how to use EASYSHIP

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