Membership on the Internet -Service EASYSHIP is free for all registered users

Getting the goods to the warehouse EASYSHIP Is free
Photo received at the warehouse premises Is free
Mail notification about the change of status of the parcels Is free
Combine multiple items in one package (consolidation) Is free
Storage of goods in our warehouse up to 60 days Is free
Order new restaurant in the client’s office employee EasyShip (without specifying the items in the order) Is free
Institution goods specialist EASYSHIP in orders received in the warehouse:

  • 10 position in the list
  • from 11 to 20 items in the list
  • More than 20 positions


  • $ 2
  • $ 5
  • individually
Repackaging ready to send parcels.
Any change in the status of the parcels “ready to pay”, “paid”, including addition or removal of goods. change the shipping address, the recipient’s change of
$ 10
Separation of goods from one order for 2 or more separate packages.
Separating the content of the incoming order from the store for a few parcels, according to the Client’s instructions.
$ 5
Storing incoming orders of more than 60 days 10% of the price of goods for every subsequent 30 days
Storage formed parcels within 15 days Is free
Storage shaped parcels of more than 15 days   $ 1   for each day
Filling in the customs declaration specialist EASYSHIP   Is free
Purchase order goods * Commission services

The minimum commission **

Maximum fee **

10% of the order

$ 5

$ 100

Opening the parcel + quality assurance + photos + Product dispute with the seller $ 10 for each incoming warehouse parcel
Return the goods the seller $ 10 + Shipping US USPS
Re-packaging of goods (to reduce the weight of the parcel, remove the box and the like) $ 2
Individual packaging bulky cargo $ 25 / hour + cost of packing
Video content when sending parcels $ 10
Video sending content – service order before the arrival of the warehouse $ 7
Photographing send content when sending (5 photos) $ 7
Pictures (5 pieces) of sending content – service order before the arrival of the warehouse $ 3
Disposal of goods Is free
Insurance*** 3% of the price

* The cost of choosing a product with service purchase goods consists of the cost of the product itself, the cost of delivery to the warehouse EASYSHIP in the US, sales tax, takes into account all the promo codes.

When buying goods on eBay fee is charged for each unit of product.

** The minimum fee is charged for the basket of goods from 1 online store (except for goods more expensive in 1000 USD).

The maximum fee is charged for goods worth more than USD 1000 for each item in the basket.

*** Insurance is carried out in accordance with claim 11 public offer Internet service EASYSHIP voluntarily.

  1. The personal address in the USA

Immediately after registration you will receive a free address in the US, which can be used to send and receive goods from the stores of America. This free service for users of the service allows you to buy goods from shops, do not ship outside the US.

  1. Reception, handling and storage of parcels in stock

We offer you a range of free storage services:

  • Getting your package in our warehouse;
  • Deleting invoices from vendors;
  • Sending a parcel from our warehouse;
  1. Photographs obtained parcels

We make a free photo each incoming shipment. This service is available to all customers by default and is available each time upon receiving your parcel from our warehouse.

  1. Checking the contents of packages

When a parcel to the warehouse, our employees can check its contents to conform to the description. Service Cost – $ 10. If you want to use the test, write to Customer Service.

  1. Sending parcels and tracking

The final stage – sending your outgoing parcels chosen method. To track we will inform you of its tracking number.

  1. Can I send heavy loads on their EasyShip address?

We deliver parcels weighing only 31.5 kg in view of the packaging.

  1. I’m shopping in the store. Where can I find my e-mail address EasyShip?

Log in to your personal account on Easyship. The Dashboard tab of the settings you will see your personal mailing address in the US and number STE. Be sure to include your STE number when making an order. So we identify your package as soon as it comes to the warehouse.

  1. Do I have to report reaching the premise?

If you let us know that your package has been sent by the seller to the warehouse, its identification is more easier and faster. To add an incoming parcel, go to your My Account and click the “Add item”.

  1. To assign a parcel for delivery to my country?

Log in to My Account and go to the tab ” Material “. You will see products in stock in the status of “in progress at the warehouse” or “In stock”. Products in the status of “In stock” you can set for sending by selecting the item and click the “Check delivery” button. A new window opens with various options to choose from.

  1. How are my incoming parcels are identified and processed in the warehouse?

If the parcel has been added to the expected, and you pointed out to her the tracking number, immediately after arrival at the warehouse, it will be displayed in the dashboard in the status of “in stock”. If the tracking number is not specified, the package identified by your STE number.

Once a parcel delivered to the warehouse, you will receive a free picture package.

  1. How long can I keep sending free stock?

You can free to store their goods in stock within 60 days.

  1. I want to return the parcel to the store. How can I do it?

If the store or seller provides a free refund, he must provide you with a prepaid return label. You simply forward this label to us, and together with him we will send the parcel back to the seller. To avoid confusion, we will set the appropriate status of your goods. If you pay for return delivery to be you, you can add the address of the seller in the Address Book and create an outbound parcel to this address. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support via the My Account – we will help you.

  1. Is it possible to remove the invoice from the seller of my outbound parcels?

Required. We can remove free invoice seller before final packing of outgoing parcels.

  1. Do I have to fill out a customs declaration?

All international parcels must be accompanied by a customs declaration. EASYSHIP specialists fill the customs declaration for you free of charge (up to 10 positions), you only need to fill in your personal account in all the fields of product and your passport details.

  1. What is the “EasyShip number”?

Your address at EasyShip includes your unique user number. It allows you to identify the parcels received in your name. Therefore, personal EasyShip number must be specified in the delivery address when ordering at the store.

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